This Blog is dedicated to informing the public and Gay Community of the Dangers of Anal Sex. Whereas this condition is not unique to the Homosexual community, they appear to be more pron to succumb to it. Spread the word
Safe Anal sex has been marginalized to the edge of society where no-one talks of it, until it rears it's ugly consequences.

Gay Movies, Series and Pornography.

    I know, I know How does this even factor in to anal sex health? Bet you just saw it huh? Despite popular belief pornography is very very vital to an individual's development. This justifies the hiding and snooping around characteristic of many if not all teenagers. So much so that if one is seen not to portray these characters, s/he is feared to be abnormal and honestly needs to see some kind of medical profession. Yes! It is this important to discover ones sexual self. Discover being the operative word! Everyone is born with a sexual nature and if Sigmund Freud is anything to go by, we develop it in our infancy.
     Given this backdrop, you can now come into the appreciation of the importance of engaging in watching pornography during one's sexual development. For the majority population of heterosexuals, this talk is becoming more and more common to the 'horny' teens. Mine here is the role to sensitize the Gays who don't enjoy such comfort and compromise from culture as our heterosexual counterparts. Most of the Gays end up experimenting on their desires and doing what they see on TV movies and series. Even though this is the common path followed by many teens the dangerous possible results of such experimenting are not to be underplayed. This is the stage where such cases as rectal prolapse occurs tainted by the disgusting insertion of pointy objects in the ass.
    All this we may dismiss as the innocent steps to self-discovery but the repercussions can last a lifetime or manifest themselves later in life. I would go into the murky details of the psychology behind what people do what they do and when they do it; but to save us the trouble I will say simply that sexual education is necessary for proper development.
     In the Gay man's life sexual education is even more important, them being stuck in a majorly heterosexual society. Often the Gay community doesn't get any free flowing education on sexual tendencies as the heterosexuals, thus they should seek it out themselves. Despite Hollywood's attempt to incorporate Gay into their casts these days. Gay porn, movies and series have a detailed, informed and at times even narrate real life stories. These simple flicks are responsible of defining the workings of the queer community. Think of the remote developing world, the Gay community within these regions; How do they express it? How do they control it? How do they show it?
     We are by default wired to move as a group, it gives us a sense of belonging I guess, no problem there. I believe movies and series go a long way in informing the public and rightly so. If it isn't for the Easting out Drama, Finding me movies how would we ever know how to define our sexuality. How to maneuver through random dates or even hoe to turn a straight friend?
     Movies are important! No questions there. Frankly I think hard-core movies are the best media to transmit the knowledge of how to have Gay sex, safely and correctly. How to manage Gay relationships. Instead of the trial and error way, that is prevalent among our brothers.My case is settled, if you don't have an adviser in your life who leads you on the right way, get nice movies and discover what exactly Gay means instead of making mistakes. If you don't know where to get some check out Gay Movie Reviews

Rectal Prolapse treatment.

Rectal Prolapse
Rectal prolapse is a medical case that occurs when the rectum falls down and comes through the anal opening.

Rectal prolapse occurs most often in children under the age of 6 and in the elderly population. In children, it can be found with cystic fibrosis and whipworm (trichuriasis).
In adults, it is usually found with constipation. It is also more common in people with autism, psychiatric disorders, and intellectual disability.

The main symptom is a reddish-coloured mass that sticks out from the opening of the anus, especially following a bowel movement. This reddish mass is actually the inner lining of the rectum. It may be slightly bleeding and is uncomfortable and painful to the victim.

Exams and Tests
The health care provider will perform a physical exam, which may include a rectal exam. Tests can determine the underlying cause of the prolapse, whether it's a muscle failure or faul play.

Call your health care provider if a rectal prolapse occurs, if you don't have one on call seek one's attention very fast. In some cases, the prolapse can be treated at home BUT NOT ADVISED!!
The rectum must be pushed back inside manually. A soft, warm, wet cloth is used to apply gentle pressure to the mass pushing it back through the anal opening back in place. The affected person should be lying down on his or her side in a knee-chest position before applying pressure onto the mass so as to allow gravitational force to help return the prolapse in place
Immediate surgery for repair is ot necessarily needed. In children, treating the underlying condition usually solves the problem much faster without much fuss. In adults on the other hand, the only cure for rectal prolapse is a surgical operation.

Outlook (Prognosis)
In children, treating the underlying condition usually cures the problem. In adults, surgery is usually successful at curing the prolapse.
Constipation and loss of bowel control may also develop after the prolapse is restored.

When to Contact a Medical Professional
Call your health care provider promptly if your identify a case of rectal prolapse.

In children, treating the underlying condition usually prevents further rectal prolapse. Treating vascular constipation is an important preventive measure.


Lembo AJ, Ullman SP. Constipation. In: Feldman M, Friedman LS, Brandt LJ, eds. Sleisinger & Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease. 9th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saudners Elsevier;2010:chap 18.


    Anal sex has been misused and misunderstood for as long as we can
recall. Curiosity drives most to practice it without as much as a
basic knowledge of how it should be practiced or just information
about it. You would expect one to at least get medical advice from a
medical practitioner or someone in the medical field. The result of
this is the numerous complications that are outlined on this blog,
other posts. Rectal prolapse, and the like.
     Another common misconception about anal sex is that it is a
reserve of the gay man. Although I agree the gay community is
notorious for falling victim to the many anal complications stemming
from unhealthy, uninformed anal sex. The result of which is the acute
anal sex diseases and complications that are so feared by many and
misconceived by even more people. Am sure we are all aware of the
stigma this particular activity generates for most. So much so that if
one spots a gay individual their minds immediately roam to the thought
of them 'getting it from behind' and other kinds of anal penetration,
crude as they may be. Especially the heterosexual folk, that would be
the first thing they think of.
       We have all heard and/or read crude stories of anal sex taking
in dark alleys and the back of buildings. It is a common story, to
hear of young teenagers, love struck, head to a dark alley, most often
after abusing alcohol and/or other drugs. A bad image is painted and
condemned by all. This has contributed greatly to our disgust of the
act, to an extent of never contemplating that there's a safe way to
engage in it. Leaving those who do in danger of engaging in unsafe
anal penetrative sex. Information cannot be circulated without
acceptance of the act as a first step.
      Am all for progressive thinking, hence thoughts of gay-ism being
an unaccepted culture in our society should be behind us. With all
the Gay movements sensitizing the globe on needs and lifestyle of
minorities, one is expected to be knowledgeable about such. This will
in turn improve efforts to ensure anal sex is engaged in safely and
educating the masses will be a norm.
      I have been looking for a good source of information on the topic
"Gay sex". I have come across Dr. Stephen E. Goldstone book as informative
and very updated on this stuff check it out.
The Ins and Outs of Gay anal sex!


When performed properly anal sex is a great pleasure, a tasty spice added to sexual activities. Pleasures of safe and healthy anal sex can be derived from many different ways but the right departure platform is: knowledge + lubricants + patience!
Techniques of producing HEALTHY ANAL SEX pleasures are explained in detail in ''SAFE ANAL SEX' order and find out special positions, proper methods and advice to maximize HEALTHY AND SAFE ANAL SEX pleasures for both sides!

Anal fissures

Anal bleeding

A Bleeding anus can prove quite troublesome. The trick is to get help as fast as possible from a known physician. This type of cancers are the source of much discomfort for many individuals out there.
Prevention though is better than cure , go through my site just to see how well to Prevent the likes of such. Safety precautions are a necessity to prevention of this deformity, contrary to popular belief It is not uniquely caused by unsafe sex, but it is often caused with practise of unsafe repeated sexual activities. Alas it is finally advisable to learn how to engage in Gay sex! If you are not too enlightened on how to do this It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to WATCH GAY-THEMED MOVIES


These are the sad effects of extreme Rectal cancer. Seen mostly in children under six (6) years of age and the elders in society. Contrary to popular belief it is not caused by unsafe Gay Sex, not ruling it it out..
Rectal Prolapse CAN indeed be caused by irresponsible Gay sex! Alas! Watching Gay movies is finally advisable and relevant. So instead of engaging in unsafe or uninformed Gay sex WATCH GAY MOVIES to learn how it's done safely.


Contrary to many people's beliefs Women under-go regular anal-sex than we'd want to agree. The effects,dangers and risks are still as much and detrimental.